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Call It Karma – 3.10 – Series Finale – Love Lost

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Our love was lost, but now it’s found. I remember when I finished this episode in the summer! It was around 4 in the morning since I was on a roll, I was filming all the episodes consecutively and when I finished this episode, I was like… AWWWHH YEEAUHH! Mission accomplished. ^_____^

I think I did a pretty good job on tying up loose ends on this series.. Although I left one scene out at the end, it may or may not make a difference. Maybe I’ll post it up one day, who knows. But I never filmed it cause it was very tedious and at 4 in the morning, I couldn’t do anymore. Haha. Anywhooo! Lets go onto the main characters, shall we?

Bringing it back from season one, I wanted to focus on the four main characters. Victoria Elaine, Skye, Natalie, & Amy. That’s how this series originated and then some how within all the confusion and drama it seemed like it was just a love drama between Victoria & Matthew which I kinda wasn’t going for. Lol. Oh well…

  • Amy – Her story ends at 3.08, with her wedding. Amy is basically the blessed one out of the four, although it didn’t seem like it in the previous seasons, her ending was quite well. She had her ups and downs in the beginning, everything falling out of place, but as time went on, everything started to fall back into place. Reuniting with Ricardo on their own terms, they were finally ready for each other. I didn’t go into my depth with Ricardo & Amy’s relationship nor Amy’s actual story, but I wish I did though because thinking it out right now, it would have been nice seeing their relationship & herself fall back into place. Amy basically finds herself through time and once you find yourself, you find someone to share the world with. My message that I wanted to pull out of Amy’s story is that you can’t find someone immediately once you’ve hit puberty, you’ve got to find yourself first. You can’t love anyone else until you learn to love yourself.
  • Natalie – What I wanted for Natalie was that she kind of ran herself into a relationship without being fully prepared. I mean in the beginning, yes you heard her story about her cleaning herself up and then making a family with Defon, everything seems to be perfect until her sister came into the picture. Her sister was a part of her past which she stowed away and kept secretly until she couldn’t anymore. Her sister being in the picture gave her a wake up call and pushed Natalie to take action into her own hands. Could’ve went more deep with Natalie and her internal struggle, agh, some things I regret in this show… haha. Anywho, what I wanted for Natalie is to finally let go of something that she depended on because honestly at the end of the day, the only person you can depend on is yourself. And I wanted Natalie to go through that. At the end she ends up leaving Defon, (BUT NOT HER CHILD, because she DOES have responsibilities. Haha) and is on a journey to find herself once again.
  • Skye – Phuong & I struggled on Skye’s story because when we were initially writing his story, we were like, “NAH THIS!” “NO WAIT PUT THIS IN!” I basically left Skye’s story to Phuong because it is his own story, I just kind of came up with the dialogue and a few tweaks to Phuong’s version of Skye here and there. Haha. We’ve all gone through this before, I believe. Meeting someone on accident when you’re still trying to find yourself. Struggling with a relationship with yourself and with another person. It’s hard to balance the two, and what I’ve said before is to focus on yourself. Sometimes you don’t need a significant other, sometimes you just need a friend to be there for you at your darkest hours. And maybe when you’re both ready, you’ll take that next step that you’ve always wanted to take. Basically at the end, Skye and David end up starting over, David helping Skye with whatever he’s going through. Waiting for him, whatever it takes.
  • Victoria Elaine – LOL, I honestly don’t know where to start with Victoria Elaine. Because I did base this character off me, and I’m still struggling with a few things here and there. Victoria has come a long way, finding herself, and seeing all that she’s done, then coincidentally meeting her beau from the past… I guess you could say everything fell into place for her. Even though on screen, it may seem she’s already got everything going for her. But I’d like to say off screens, she was pretty much a total wreck, having to build herself up again and doing shit from scratch. I guess you could say Matthew is a separate character from Victoria, but I’m adding him into her storyline because, HAHA. I’m not sure why, but yeah. Victoria and Matthew as a couple are very dysfunctional, like I’m not even gonna lie. They have their ups and downs, like crazy, one wants to hold on, one wants to give up. Reminds me of a couple I know… Haha. It may seem sappy but if you’re meant to be with each other, you will be some day. I’ve learned something vital from someone because we were having a conversation about this, I’ll just put it quote by quote. “Even after all these fights, at the end, it’s gonna be me and you.” “What if it’s not?” “Well then that’s our mistakes, in time we’ll realize and we’ll find each other again.” I’m not saying you’re gonna find your one and only love immediately, because honestly you’ll probably go through a fuck-load. I’m saying cherish each moment with your special someone and try not thinking of the future and thinking you’ll be together forever, cause that’ll fuck you over a lot. A lot of trial and errors, but things will fall into place. I’m not saying that a couple will end up a couple once again in the future, I’m just saying… Everything will fall into place, it may take time, but just have faith.

I guess every season has it’s own motto. Season one, I’m not sure but I’d say, “based on true-ish events.” Season two, “come as you are.” Season three, finally, is just… “whatever it takes.” I say whatever it takes because, honestly there are gonna be bumps in the road, to finding yourself and in relationships that you’re gonna have. You can do one of two things, give up or keep on going. I mean, do whatever it takes, to not give up on yourself or to not give up on anyone else. The last thing someone wants is giving up.

Hopefully you all learned something vital from these descriptions. I know a few of you are like 10 year olds, possibly my age also.. And you’re just like, “What the hell, this is retarded.” But it’s really not. Just passing on some advice that no one ever gave me and I had to figure this out on my own. Which sucked ass. At least a little guidance will help? Haha. Anyways, just a heads up, life will throw shit at you.

5 years running, 30+ episodes.. I remember when I was starting out with series, I was a mere freshman in high school, and look at me now, I’m already in college. I have a whole life ahead of me. And so do you all. This is kind of my farewell to my childhood. I’ll always look back at this with a smile. I based characters off of my own friends, and I know they all know that. Lol. I didn’t know until right now that this is kind of where we’re heading. College has changed a lot for us, we’re not as close as we used to be. I feel like I’m Victoria Elaine again. Lol. I hope we can all find our own happiness and meet again soon. Eh, enough with the sappy. Enjoy the last and final episode of Call It Karma. 🙂


Written by Mare

February 14, 2012 at 4:41 pm

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