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Reverse This Curse – Chapter 7 – Before The Worst

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Last chapter of RTC! DO NOT READ AHEAD UNLESS YOU FINISHED WATCHING THE LAST CHAPTER! Because I will be giving you a scene-by-scene explanation of it all. Haha.

When the video starts off, we resume where the last chapter ended, at Nyx’s “lair.” Emily & the rest of the gang busts in, Theodore’s dead body by the computer, Angela’s body on the floor also. What they find out is that right before they came in, Nyx had bit Angela, in which she collapses, transitioning into a vampire. Still with me? Ok. As Cedric & Liam argue, you see a glimpse of Sara in the background, listening into their conversations. Why didn’t Phoebe see Sara when she was killing Theodore? Is it possible that Sara could be a vampire also?

Rui & Emily arrive at her mom’s house, where you can see that her mom and the baby are going to sleep, Emily attempts to take the baby away, which she succeeds in. She goes into her mom’s room and tells her she’s sorry, even though Rui stopped time and her mom wouldn’t be able to hear her. They go back to the house and they all partake in the ritual. Where Emily collapses, and fades out to the next scene.

The next scene, Emily wakes up in her room and goes downstairs and finds her mom crying that the baby was taken away. And she has no idea what had happened for last year. She goes takes a shower, tries to figure out what had happened, and then she throws up. Then she begins to get a flashback from dates prior to that day, where she has sex with Rui and the conversation with Cedric… Uhh, brain fart. Sorry! Okay. So next scene. I’m just doing this by memory, so I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure, if you know what I mean? Haha.

Okay, well the next scene, Rui walks into this room and finds Nyx sitting towards the back of the room. Rui then says, “The prophecy has been fulfilled.” … LIKE WUT R U SERIOUS?! Yes, Rui plays for both teams. He has from the very beginning. As you can see the flashback, Rui is the one that took Emily’s dad away. Emily’s father didn’t really leave Helen and her, he just disappeared with Rui. Rui bit him, turning him into a vampire. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?! It means that the “Nyx” you’ve seen is just another person that Emily’s father can turn into. Yes, I know, he tried to get it on with his own daughter. Dementedly weird? Sort of.

It means it’s up to you, the viewer, to make up your own interpretation, for the most part, I know, unanswered questions, like wtf bro you’re really gonna leave us with unanswered questions?! Why wasn’t Sara dead in the house? What’s going to happen to Angela now? How i Helen going to do without the baby? And most of all, what prophecy was supposed to be fulfilled?! There is no continuation to this, by the way. So hopefully you enjoyed it. 😉

Thank you to all my voice actors! It was a pleasure working on these chapters with you guys. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for voice actors (hopefully they still do voice over works because it’s been years since they sent me lines, heh.) & thanks for watching! I know at the beginning everyone was like, “wtf why are there voices…” I am happy that some of you guys enjoyed the voices, because I certainly did! Well except my voice, so yeah. HAHA.


Written by Mare

August 22, 2011 at 1:35 am

Posted in Reverse This Curse

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