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Call It Karma – 3.02 – Vagabond

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Hi there, kids! A little present for it being early in the month. SO, I… I like this episode. Well I like this one the most because I got the most freak out from my friends when I showed it to them a few weeks ago, they were like, “WHAT THE… HUH… WHY!?” You’ll know why, if you’re going to watch the video. SO, going on to spoilers & such! So I’m really glad that everyone is starting to like Jason. I was kind of nervous that no one would get his jokes because they are really inside jokes between who I modeled Jason after and me, but I had to keep it PG-13.  So it isn’t as hilarious if you actually hear my friend & I IRL. LOL. So yeah, I’m really glaaad! I just want to discuss a few things that I freaking love in this episode. The favorite scene I loved filming was Skye’s scene. I don’t know why, but like, I put a little symbolism into the scene, which only one person got (counting from right now). Is that when Skye starts to confess something to April, the food becomes burnt. The burnt food symbolizes how Skye’s confession to April effects their relationship. Their relationship is now tainted. (Even thought you don’t know what he told her!) It’s a secret. 🙂 Until the next episode. or maybe the next next episode? Who knows? 🙂 The other scene I liked filming was the last scene. I was going to put some dialogue into it, but then I was like, wait! If people pay attention to it, they’ll know what happened. So throughout the first and second episode, you think that, oh victoria is still hung over matthew, and vice versa, but then I was like, you know what, let’s complicate things more. Turns out, Victoria has a boyfriend, and his name is… Well you’ll know his name next episode, or maybe the next next episode, who knows. 🙂

POLL!!!: Are you Team M or Team W?
My answer, I’d also have to agree with a few of you, I’m Team Undecided. 🙂


Written by Mare

March 9, 2010 at 2:11 am

Posted in Call It Karma

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