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Reverse This Curse – Chapter 2 – Redeemer

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youtube version || simtube version

WUDDUPP! Sorry, it takes so long for episodes to come out. I have a reason for that. One word. School. I know, it’s school, it’s supposed to be easy, but dude, it’s horribly hard. I shouldn’t have taken any AP classes, but hey, I’m learning a lot, and it’s good to learn, right?

So I’m a little rusty at editing, I haven’t edited in a while, but I think it’s okay for a few months of not editing and such…? Heh.

I had to step in for a voice actor of mine, because I haven’t heard from her in months and I was like… I need to post… everyone is starting to yell at me on youtube. T_T. BY THE WAY, thank you to the people that hasn’t been PMing me like crazy or commenting me saying, “WHERE IS THE NEXT RTC EPISODE?!?!?” Seriously. Thanks so much, the majority of you that don’t ask. The minority… not so much. ahha. No offense, but don’t kill the director! I know it’s been 4 months, but give me some slack, bro favor? I’m trying here. Trying to balance everything out.

I can’t guarentee that episodes will come out week after week. But I’m trying to finish up all of the episode editings, put in voices, put in background sounds & such this week, so all I have to do is render, upload, and update.

YES, my vampires can transform. Hahha. So the thing is, with their eyes, in the last scene & the scene were Emily & Aiden are talking. Aiden & Phoebe, their eyes change into a color red. So that’s typically like the dead give away for their transformation? You know? So I just wanted to point that out because I think the video is too dark for people to notice. T_T.


Written by Mare

December 24, 2009 at 12:03 am

Posted in Reverse This Curse

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  1. Wow, I’m just now getting around to watching this episode (I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this project, lol).

    Anyways, you did a great job, Marevel! Hope you’re doing well and that the fangirls/fanboys aren’t driving you too crazy. 😛

    Take care!


    February 21, 2010 at 11:21 pm

  2. I ove the series, even though it’s vampires and they got really overrated, but this series is good(: i have a question though, through out episode one and two, in the vampires’ home, they have walls with holes or broken walls… well you get me, & i was wondering where you got them. Hope you reply, thanks & keep going with it, its the bomb (:


    May 8, 2010 at 7:41 pm

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