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Red Hands

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My little “goodbye summer” video. Also saying, this might be the last video in a while. LOL. Meaning, I have got everything done, so therefore I am on a schedule, thus I won’t have random videos like these. And I haven’t made a random video since, uh, forever (october 2008. LOL), and I wanted to make something. Hehe.


The song matches up with the video, you have to look & listen closely. But it shouldn’t be that complicated. The song was originally 6 minutes long, but I don’t really like long videos. So I cut it to be like 4:35. Hopefully you won’t hear my nooby cutting skills.

  • I guess if you’ve watched my Everything We Had video, I guess you could base it off what happened in their past. I don’t have names for these characters, sadly. LOL. But obviously, you gotta name them something. I named the blond lady, Maryann. Brown-haired guy, Jensen. Blond guy, George. So if you have watched my Everything We Had video, I guess you could say Maryann & Jensen had a little fling before Maryann & George went off & got married. There are pulsing beats in the beginning, so I wanted to make a little kabam(?) of clips. You can see mili-seconds of the troubles that face Maryann & George. And how George declines her.
  • Until it truly begins at a grocery store. George meets his long time friend, Jensen. They start to talk for awhile, then Maryann comes up to them. George introduces Maryann to Jensen.
  • Maryann, Jensen, & George have lunch at Maryann & George’s house, they talk until Jensen has to get a phone call. It gets awkward between Maryann & Jensen. “Why?” You ask. Maryann & Jensen already know each other. Maryann does dishes until Jensen tells her something. They start to kiss, while George is upstairs talking to someone over the phone.
  • Few days later, George is off to work, while Maryann is having breakfast. George impaitiently waits for her to say something, eventually leaves because she doesn’t. She takes a bath while Jensen starts to break into their house. After her bath she comes out to find Jensen in her bedroom. She yells at him to get out, but he tells her something. (In the song, he says, “Don’t know what I’d do if you lost sleep over little old me. He’s so much better. They’re all much better.”) Then the sex scene.
  • This next part matches up with lyrics, as it was saying “because you can’t be caught red-handed…” which is when George finds out that Maryann is having an affair with Jensen. He then has fury in his eyes.
  • George fights with Maryann that night and when Maryann has had enough with him (beating her, yelling at her), she finally slaps him, really hard, which makes him fall on the floor. She runs upstairs to call Jensen to come and help her. Jensen leaves his house and hurries to Maryann’s house. George is yelling at her again when he gets there, Jensen threatens George and he runs downstairs. Jensen comforts her, George goes upstairs with a gun. George shoots Jensen. Maryann is left with shock in her eyes.
  • It then goes to a cemetary with little clips of George in jail for the crime he has committed. Maryann throwing up (morning sickness). Then fades to a grave stone (which is essentially Jensen’s tombstone).
  • WHO’S BABY IS IT ANYWAYS? If you paid attention, in the beginning, George declines Maryann, but later on in the video, Jensen & Maryann make love. So… Jensen is the father of Maryann’s future baby.

Hopefully you won’t think of the sex scene too… obscene. I didn’t want an intense scene, I just wanted something that was… let’s say, romantic. Even though there were some “boobie” scenes. I wanted to focus more on the ring on her finger during this scene. It was really awkward filming this scene because my mom was in the next room and I didn’t want her to see what I was doing because she would go into my room and be like, “Do you want some dinner — OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?!” That would have been an FML moment…


Written by Mare

August 21, 2009 at 7:54 am

Posted in Music Videos

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