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Call It Karma – 2.10 – Season 2 Finale – Swing Life Away

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Hello everyone! When I was filming this earlier in the month, I was wondering when I would post this, I looked at the other dates of the episodes, and I realized that it’s been a year since season 2 came out, so just for an anniversary, I decided to post it today. July 21, 2008 was the date that I posted the first episode of season two. Ironic, isn’t it? Any who, if you haven’t watched it, do not read on because I am about to put some spoilers/explanations. :O

You might ask ‘WTH why?!’ I know the season has been rushed and too much or too little information for the season, there are a few unanswered questions about some characters and about the plot.

The recent question I received was about Izzy, what’s with her deal? Izzy, was not clearly explained in the series, Izzy is supposedly an old elementary school friend of Victoria Elaine. Victoria Elaine and Izzy were ‘inseparable’ but you know, when you grow up, and you start to like people, develop crushes… Izzy supposedly back stabs Victoria Elaine by flirting/getting with her old romance crushes. Therefore when Izzy came back to town, she was jealous of Victoria Elaine and what V.E. has with Matthew. Kisses Matthew in 2.04(?), trying to ruin their relationship. I tried not to make Izzy the bad guy, but then it did turn out that she was the bad guy after all. Frederick, I wanted to develop his character more, but then I just made him a minor character because I had to work on V.E.’s, Skye’s, Natalie’s, Amy’s stories. VICTORIA ELAINE LIKES LUCAS? No. She doesn’t. She used to. In elementary school, because Lucas was once between Victoria Elaine and Izzy. Sometimes V.E. would feel jealousy towards Natalie or Izzy in episodes, but the feelings would subside.

ABOUT THE FINALE, before you go on and asking “why the hell not?!” I wanted to make an open-ended ending, because those are just simply fascinating. It leaves everyone questioning and take a few steps back, look at the big picture and think, “sometimes things don’t quite work out like they’re planned.” I left it open-ended because it’s up to the viewer’s perspective/mind on what they want to happen to Victoria Elaine and Matthew. In the last episode, Victoria gets all of these opinions from different people. First from Amy, then from Mrs. Claire Lawrence (Matthew’s Momma) and then from Natalie. Amy talked about how things were blocking Ricardo and her from being together. Victoria thinks of her relationship, one thumbs down. When she talks to Mrs. Claire Lawrence, Claire asks if V.E. is ready, V.E. is clearly not ready for responsibility. But Claire reassures her that if it’s true love, it will always work out. Thumbs up. With Natalie’s analogy with the tooth, V.E. gets a thumbs down. 2 thumbs down and 1 thumbs up is not enough for V.E. to leave with Matthew. Which makes her decide to not leave with Matthew. I wanted only a few words that V.E. & Matthew would share. It might confuse many people, but only V.E. & Matthew would understand each other. The last scene, where Victoria Elaine is the only one in the room and she thinks of what Skye says, “As you go through life you’ll see there is so much that we don’t understand. And the only thing we know is that things don’t always go the way we planned.” And she looks up and realizes. What did she realize? Did she go back to the airport hoping Matthew would still be there? Or did she stay at home, and realized that things are going to be okay? “If it’s true love, it will always works out.” It’s all up to the viewer’s imagination.

Please do not ask any further questions about Call It Karma for a next season or something about spin offs. I really get tired of reading messages when is this season coming out when is this episode coming out. Please give me some slack. -sad face-

NOW, something special, since I’ve never really answered any questions about CC or something about actions in the series, I will answer them now. BUT, you have to be SPECIFIC. I cannot search up everything in all the episodes. I’ve made many outfit/hair recolors for the series, and I simply cannot give that out, because I don’t know how. Seriously. But I will try to provide you a link to the page I downloaded the CC off of. For poses, I will try to get the link, but it’s usually just the mainstream boxes and tons of combos of poses. I CANNOT answer any questions about SEASON ONE because I do not remember anything where I’ve gotten CC or other special things for that season. And I can’t help you with camera movements. These FAQs would only pertain to season TWO.

So if you ask a question about a character’s apparel/hair/accessory, please provide
episode # (2.#), duration (1:30-1:35), character (victoria elaine), and CC (hair, clothes, accessory).

If you ask a question about an object, same thing goes for the object
episode # (2.#), duration (1:30-1:35), and CC (describe color/what kind of object).

P.S. Please don’t double post! As in go in as another name. If you have more than one question, don’t hesitate to ask. Questions will be answered in the next post here within the week or the next.

I should probably get some sleep, so goodnight and I hope you enjoyed the last episode!


Written by Mare

July 21, 2009 at 8:37 am

Posted in Call It Karma

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  1. This series is (was) great :]
    I think the filming was breathtaking. Your sims are so beautiful, too…
    I’m definitely excited for RTC. The writing looks a lot better. No offense! But I can’t wait to see what you do with voice overs. 😀


    July 30, 2009 at 4:06 pm

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