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Simstube Update & Update.

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So, hello, again. 🙂 Even though I posted… yesterday? Holy crap, or was that on saturday? Omg, I can’t remember. LOL. So, I was thinking, about my whole schedule thing. & I might get Call It Karma’s S2EP8 out next weekend. 🙂 But I don’t know… It’s a possibility. XD. I filmed some of it today, and then I got lazy. XD. Maybe later in the day, I’ll finish up, edit, and wait until sunday. XD.

So, I finally updated my simstube, and I’ve finished everything. I’ve uploaded all the previous episodes on there, so if you’re annoyed by the music that’s on the episode on youtube, you can click the link to listen to the original songs I put hard work into to match up with the scenes. D:<


Today, I’m really bored, so I might upload all of CIK’s season 1 on simstube but like the whole… shabang, like a movie. But, you see, I don’t have the original videos of the season, so… LOL. I don’t want to go back and try to find the songs on my computer mommy! D:

Oh yeah, I’m definitely bored. OH, so my friends were over here, at my house, a few days ago, and they read Counting Backwards, one of my friends put in an idea that we could do voice acting. LOL. I mean, that wouldn’t be hard right? I mean that because we would be using our voices, and I wouldn’t wait for lines, but then I was like, ehh… AHAH, it is based on us, but some of us don’t sound like we are in our 20’s. We are still in high school. LOL.

I’m still deciding if I want The Sims 3,  it looks… like something that I would play with, but at the same time, I wouldn’t play with it.It’s too… I don’t know, clay/play-doh-y? I mean, I just love the enviroment and such, just not so much the sims. LOL. I like the new PLUMBBOB!!! I was like OMG, IT IS SO MUCH SHINIER THAN THE ONE IN THE SIMS 2. XD.

I think I’m done for the day. XD. Adios!


Written by Mare

May 25, 2009 at 7:55 pm

Posted in Updates

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