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Reverse This Curse – Voice Actors Cast List

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Congrats to everyone! Again, I am sorry if you did not get to get a main character, there are minor characters, I promise to set that up in the next few weeks. I still need some voice actors’ emails so I could sort some stuff out with them. So here are the people who are my voice actors! 😀 Hopefully this will be a great experience working with all of them 🙂 (Listed in alphabetical order by username)

Aiden is played by AlexFoogla
is played by iamcreative1212
is played by LadumbleLa
is played by Lillireth
is played by RabeDesGottes
is played by shawnkenobi
is played by Simaranian
Sarah is played by SUPERGUNDY
Liam is played by XxNaotakunxX
Emily is played by xxStephy
Theodore is played by zaid0rtiz


Written by Mare

September 28, 2008 at 1:44 am

Posted in Reverse This Curse

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