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Hellogoodbye – All Of Your Love

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LOLOL WHAT AN ODD BIRTHDAY PRESENT TO GIVE TO YOUR FRIEND, RIGHT? Yeah, so I made this for my friend, Sarah. THIS WILL HAPPEN TO HER WHEN SHE TURNS 18! Cause like I think that our history teacher from a few years ago had the hots for her xD. its sarah’s 18th birthday, SHES NO LONGER A MINOR. LOLOL!! o_o she has a birthday, then she goes online. the man [alan] starts talking to her. telling her that his birthday was yesterday. O_O LOL! then she goes on to school the next day, after school, she’s sees alan. LOL! then after he asks her out O.O.. but she declines. LOL. sorry im not detailed enough in my movies. then alan goes home and goes to sleep, he has a dream with sarah in it and then when he wakes up he says, “if i can’t have her. no one can!” LOLOL!! later then that morning, he comes to her house, she gets scared, he bangs on the door, and then she calls the cops.


Written by Mare

September 10, 2008 at 2:07 am

Posted in Music Videos

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